All adoption files are non-public and processed with the highest level of confidentiality.  Below you will find a brief summary of the various types of adoptions filings for Lapeer County.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has a resource titled Adopting a Child in Michigan that offers an overview of the different types of adoptions in Michigan.

This area of the law is very complex and the Court cannot provide you with any legal advice.  It is recommended that if you are interested in pursuing an adoption, you contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law.

Filing Fees

Filing fees are due at the time of filing.

  • Petition for Adoption - $175.00
  • Subsequent motions and petitions - $20.00
  • Certified copy of the Order of Adoption - $11.00
  • Petition for Adoption Information - $20.00
  • Petition for Appointment of Confidential Intermediary - $20.00

Please note a new birth certificate following an adoption finalization hearing will be processed through Vital Records in the State the child was born.  To determine the fee, you will need to speak with Vital Records in the State the child was born.  For Michigan, the fee for creation of a new birth certificate is $50.00, and $16.00 for each additional copy.

All adoption materials can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Lapeer County Probate Court.



A step-parent adoption is a court process in which the custodial parent’s spouse adopts his or her minor child.  The non-custodial parent can consent to the adoption, or a Supplemental Petition and Affidavit to Terminate Parental Rights (Stepparent Adoption) PCA 302, may be filed. 

A supplemental petition, the custodial parent must have sole physical/legal custody and the non-custodial parent has not made “reasonable efforts” to support or maintain a relationship with the child within two years from the date of filing. 

Court personnel cannot give legal advice and this is the only information the Court personnel can provide regarding this type of proceeding.

 Requirement for filing a petition
  • Petitioners must be a resident of Lapeer County
  • Petitioners must be married to the legal/biological parent of the adoptee
  • Petitioners are required to be married one year prior to submitting a petition for adoption
  • Must complete required forms for each filing – Court is not responsible to make copies for multiple filings
  • If filings are not complete, the documentation will be returned
  • The Court will contact you for an appointment upon the filing being complete and accepted
  • Required forms
  • $175 filing fee for the initial petition (per child)
  • $150 for home investigation fee

Upon finalization of the adoption (if granted)

  • Fee for creation of a new birth certificate. Check to be made to the state where the child was born
  • For Michigan, birth certificates are $50.00 for the first, and $16.00 for every additional copy

An adult adoption is one in which the petitioners (adoptive parents) are requesting they be permitted to adopt an adult.  The adult adoptee must consent to be adoption.  Notice of the consent hearing must be provided to the biological parent(s) of the adoptee, but they are not required to attend the consent hearing.

Once an adult adoption is filed with the accompanying documentation, the Court will investigate and meet with the petitioners and adult adoptee.  The Consent hearing will be schedule after the investigation is complete.

Following documents are required for filing:

  • Completed adoption questionnaire
  • Certified birth certificate of adult adoptee
  • Copy of adoptee’s name change if applicable
  • Biological/legal parent death certificate if applicable
  • Copy of the petitioners’ birth certificate, marriage certificate, and copies of any divorce judgements for previous marriages
  • Separate written statements from the adoptee and petitioners explaining the reasons the adoption is being pursued.
  • $175.00 filing fee
Relative adoption is one in which a family member who is related to the child(ren) within the fifth degree by marriage, blood, or adoption is choosing to adopt the child(ren).