County Parks

Beginning in 2021 Lapeer County began the process of finding ways to improve park services in the County. They had an extensive Parks & Recreation Plan developed to provide guidance in the decision-making process for Lapeer County Parks & Recreation during the next five years. In response, the Board of Commissioners has made strides to improve our county parks to better serve the community. 

The first major project at the parks, is the design and installation of a Disc Golf Course at Torzewski Park. The park will have an 18-hole disc golf course with 36 tee boxes (two per hole), one for experienced players and another for beginners. The course is expected to open in 2023 for anyone to come enjoy at their leisure. 

Next, in an effort to improve the County parks, the Board of Commissioners have begun looking at redesigning and updating the Torzewski Water Park. To begin the process, the County has recently hired Rowe Engineering to design and coordinate services for the redevelopment of the water park. This would be a huge undertaking and could take years to complete. Once plans have been approved, we will be sharing the improved design.