Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have animals available for adoption?
Yes we always have dogs and cats available for adoption. During covid we ask that everyone fill out an adoption application first and then we will call you to set up a time for you to come meet animals. Walk-ins are currently not allowed. 
Does my dog have to be licensed?
Yes, it is Michigan State Law that all dogs be licensed. It does not matter how rural your area is, they still need to be licensed.
How do I license my dog?
Get your dog a current rabies shot and visit our office, mail in your paperwork, or purchase online. Call us if you have questions.
Should I report a dog bite?
YES, All dog bites need to be reported to animal control. The dog goes under a quarantine and we make sure it has a valid rabies shot. It is especially important to report dog bites in case multiple bites occur from the same dog.
Do you Euthanize?
Animal Control does not perform owner requested euthanasia services or euthanize animals that are taking a long time to be adopted. The only reason we would ever euthanize an animal is because it is suffering and untreatable (Ex. Hit by car) or the animal is deemed dangerous and likely to cause serious injuries to the general public.
Do you accept volunteers?
Yes, we gladly welcome volunteers. We are a government entity so all volunteers must complete a volunteer application, be over the age of 18, and pass a background check.
What do I do if I find a stray?
Call the Animal Control officer and report that you found an animal. We can let you know if anyone has reported one missing. All strays can be held for 48hrs. After 48hrs all strays must come to Animal Control.
Can I keep the stray I found?
NO, it is unlawful to keep strays that don't belong to you. They may have an owner looking for them or potentially have medical conditions you are unaware of. It is best to turn in the stray to animal control and adopt it legally once the stray hold is over.
What can I do with feral cats?
Feral cats are a large problem for everyone. These cats reproduce quickly and spread disease. The best thing you can do is get them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Ask us for more information and programs that can help.
What if I need to rehome my pet?
We understand that sometimes life circumstances change. We do our best to have space available for owner surrendered pets but sometimes we have a waitlist. We simply do not have the space and resources to take in every single animal so please be patient with us as we try to assist you. Call our office so we can direct you to other rescues and assist you in placement.
Do you spay/neuter animals at animal control or provide veterinary services?
We do not have a vet on our staff. All of our animals are taken to local vets for care that we have to pay out of pocket for. Unfortunately, we cannot provide veterinary services for the general public.
How do I donate?
You can donate animal care items or make monetary donations in our office or by mail. We always accept a wide variety of donations. We could not service as many animals without your generosity.