Friends of Lapeer County Animal Control

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In 2021, our staff and volunteers saw a huge need for more funding needed to assist in spaying/neutering animals and providing necessary surgeries to animals in need. We hated turning away animals because we could not afford to help them and it was difficult finding other rescues or shelters that could pull animals in need of care. We established “Friends of Lapeer County Animal Control” so that our group of dedicated members could fundraise and plan events to benefit the animals of Lapeer County.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to fundraise proactively for the Lapeer County Animal Control shelter animal's medical needs and further enrichment. We hope to aid the health and lives of these animals by financially providing routine veterinary care by means of vaccination and spay/neuter--furthermore making them more "adoptable." We also strive to be able to medically support shelter animals that may need more extensive or emergency veterinary care, as well as provide for the mental health needs of the animals by making their stay at the shelter as comfortable and mentally stimulating as possible.


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